AIM, Tim O'Neill

Tim O'Neill discusses the newest developments in the lead-free soldering market.

All Flex, Clark Webster

Tara Dunn talks with Clark Webster from All Flex.

Alpha Assembly Solutions, Mitch Holtzer

Mitch Holtzer, discusses the company's reclamation technology and a paper he presented during IPC APEX EXPO.

Alpha Assembly Solutions, Robert Wallace

New products discussion dedicated to eliminating solder voids.

Alpha Assembly Solutions, Steve Godber

Alpha's Improving LED Reliability Issues

American Standard Circuits, Dave Olson

American Standard Circuits strives to define the future of PCB technology.

American Standard Circuits, John Bushie

American Standard Circuits talks about the microwave market.

Arlon Electronic Materials, Brad Foster

Arlon's recently announced partnership with Doosan brings enormous benefits to all sides.

atg Luther&Maelzer, Klaus Koziol

Fully automated probe testing for high-throughput PCB production.

BEST Inc., Bob Wettermann

BEST Talks Rework Challenges and Opportunities

Break Free Strategies, Bob Ferguson

Bob Ferguson talks about his role in helping Eternal position its photoresist technology to compete in the North American marketplace.

CalcuQuote, Chintan Sutaria

CalcuQuote on Risk Assessment and RFQ Management

Candor Industries, Sunny Patel

Capability through alternatve process.

Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc., Walt Stender

CEO Walt Stender talks about the company's latest technology offerings.

Cogiscan Inc., Francois Monette

Cogiscan Discusses Connectivity Solutions to Enable Industry 4.0

CyberOptics, Dr. Subodh Kulkarni

Ultra High Resolution AOI

DuPont Elect. Matls., Jonathan Weldon

Controlled impedance lines on flex circuits with cross-hatched ground planes - what is the impact on electrical performance?

Electra Polymers, Chris Wall & Shaun Tibbals

What's driving solder mask development? Updates on formulations for direct imaging and ink-jet technologies.

Electrolube, Phil Kinner

New Conformal Coating Technologies

Gardien, Rick Meraw

How does Gardien ensure global consistency in its quality assurance services, and how does the OnTrack ERP system contribute? Find out in this interview...

HDP User Group, Jack Fisher

Update on the Optoelectronics Project - demonstrator now built and under test at a number of leading OEMs.

HDP User Group, Jim Fuller

Sanmina's Jim Fuller gives an insight on how HDPUG shares the experience and resources of member companies to tackle projects and get results.

HDP User Group, John Davignon

John Davignon reviews the excellent work of the HDPUG (High Density Packaging User Group).

I-Connect007, Roundtable Wrap-up

IPC APEX EXPO Show Review Roundtable with Bob Neves, Andy Shaughnessy and Barry Matties.

I-Connect007, Time-Lapse 1

Day 1 time-lapse from the show floor

I-Connect007, Time-Lapse 2

Day 2 time-lapse from the show floor

I-Connect007, Time-Lapse 3

Day 3 time-lapse from the show floor

I-Connect007, Time-Lapse Setup and Breakdown

Setup day and breakdown time-lapse from the show floor

Indium Corporation, Chris Nash

The "Avoid the Void" campaign - what are the concerns, reliability issues, and how has Indium responded with its solder paste formulations?

Indium Corporation, Eric Slezak

Eric discussed the launch of their new Project 99 wave solder process flux system which uses a comic book theme, with "villians" and "superheroes."

Insulectro, Jeff Parker

Micro-circuit materials are stretching the possibilities!

IPC, Anne Marie Mulvihill

IPC Director of Education talks about EDGE and the IPC's mentoring program.

IPC, Dr. John Mitchell

IPC 60th Anniversary Update

IPC, Ken Schramko

Keeping the electronics industry's interests front and center during the rapid change of U.S. government policy positions.

IPC, Opening Ceremony

IPC APEX 2017 Opening Ceremony

IPC, Randy Cherry

IPC Validation Services Update

IPC, Sanjay Huprikar

Sanjay Huprikar Lays Out Plans to Grow IPC Membership

IPC, Sharon Starr

IPC Market Research Update

KIC, Bjorn Dahle

Smart Factory Technology

Kyzen, Tom Forsythe

Advantages of real-time concentration monitoring, data management and access to data as aqueous cleaning moves towards Industry 4.0.

Lenthor Engineering, Matt Kan and M. Oscar Akbar

Lenthor Engineering updates rigid-flex capabilities at APEX.

MacDermid Enthone, Warren Kenzie

MacDermid Enthone positions itself to meet the needs of the electronics supply chain.

MacDermid, Don Cullen and Tom Hunsinger

Two member companies of the MacDermid Performance Solutions group explain how the end user benefits from the synergy.

MACON, Ing. Emiliano Herrero

Electronic Business in Argentina (en Espanol)

Manncorp, Henry Mann and Kyle Mann

Love this! An SMT equipment solutions provider with a heart!

MaRCTech2, Jennifer Eby

Minds of marketing meetup!

MEK, Henk Biemans

3D AOI Update With MEK

Mentor Graphics, Michael Ford

Mentor Graphics Finishes Traceability Standard in Record Time

MET Stencil, Fred Cox

The science and simplicity of applying solder paste to the printed board

Meyer Burger, Don Veri

Don Veri on Meyer Burger's Latest Inkjet Developments

MicroCraft, Jesse Ziomek

New dimensions in fine-pitch probe testing, and an integrated inkjet printing system for solder resist and legend.

Mirtec, Brian D'Amico

What's the latest in 2D and 3D AOI and SPI, and what's driving development of inspection technology.

Mycronic AB, Nico Coenen

Mycronic Highlights Latest Capabilities of Jet Printing

Nordson and ACE, Peter Bierhuis Alan Cable

Peter Bierhuis and Alan Cable discuss the recent acquisition of ACE by Nordson Corporation.

Nordson, Roberta J. Foster-Smith

The latest new and improved product offerings from Nordson Asymtek.

OK International, Christopher Larocca

OK International Brings Industry 4.0 to Rework Station

Optimal+, David Park

Big Data Analytics

Orbotech, Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen explains how Orbotech translates ideas into reality providing the imaging and inspection tools to meet the needs of next-generation interconnection density.

Polar Instruments, Geoffrey Hazelett

Catching Up With Polar Instruments

Production Analysis & Learning Svcs, Kathy Pulumbo

Upcoming events for the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters of SMTA.

Prototron Circuits, Russ Adams

Happy Birthday Prototron! After a birthday serenade from Kelly Dack, Russ describes the company's latest endeavors to supply their customer's needs.

Ray Prasad Consultancy, Ray Prasad

IPC-7530 Reflow Profile Guidelines revision.

Rehm Thermal Systems, Michael Hanke

Rehm Highlights Reflow Improvements for Reliable Solder Results

Rogers Corp, John Ranieri

Rogers Brings Products for Power Electronics Markets

Saline Lectronics, Thomas Scales

Internet of Manufacturing

San Diego PCB, Mike Creeden

Kelly Dack and Mike Creeden discuss observations from the show and a PCB designer renaissance.

Sanmina-Guadalajara-Mexico, Ing. Angel Camacho

Avoiding and eliminating residue in the soldering process (en espanol).

Schmoll & Taiyo, Thomas Kunz, Dennis Pusch, Jesse Session

Co-operation between Schmoll &Taiyo speeds the development of new solder mask formulations for DI.

Shane Stewart, Perfect Point

Changing drilling with Perfect Point drill and Jinzhou precision technology.

Show Wrap Up , Philip Stoten

IPC APEX EXPO 2017 Wrap Up

Taiyo America, Don Monn

A new option for heat dissipation from PCBs - thermally conductive solder resist.

The Right Approach Consulting, Steve Williams

John C Maxwell Leadership Training Discussion

USM Reps, Eduardo Ortiz & Jose L. Rocillo

Electronic Equipment Representatives (en Espanol)

Ventec Int'l Group, Mark Goodwin & Jack Pattie

The effect of current material issues on the supply chain for copper-clad laminate.

Ventec, Thomas Michels

A discussion of the integration and consolidation of Ventec's non-CCL activities, and the benefits of a high-level OEM technology team.

WECC, ELCINA, Rex Rozario, Paresh Vasani

ELCINA, the Electronics Industry Assoc. of India, is inducted as a member of WECC, the World Electronic Circuits Council.

Photos From the Show