ABB, Longsheng Yuan, Sales Engineer

ABB new four-arm robots deliver speed and accuracy.

AIM, Dillon Zhu, Technical Manager

AIM discusses the challenges for soldering.

Banner, Daniel Walt, Dir. Business Dev.

Banner has a close collaboration with independent distributors.

Beijing East Machinery Technology, Chaoping Zhang, Director

Key production meets industrial trend.

CIT, Gavin Ma, GM

Striving to be the brain in processing.

Followe (Suzhou) Electronic Technology, Tian Zhuang, Sales Manager

Chinese automatic coating and dispensing system.

Goepel, Stan Shen, Service Engineer

Goepel's inline AXI brings efficiency.

Goldensen, Samuel Wan, GM

To be the leader of automation

Hostar, Sean Shi, Plant Manager

Innovation changes the future.

iNEMI, Haley Fu, Ph.D.

iNEMI working on their Roadmap for 2017.

ITRI, Wang Chao, Committee Secretary

ITRI has set up a Shanghai office.

ITW, Coco Zhang, Product Manager

ITW Electronic Assembly Equip. (EAE) displays Vitronics Soltec, Speedline and Despatch machinery at NEPCON China 2016.

Japan Unix, Zemin Li, China Office Mgr.

USP5 robotic soldering module for index, cell, inline or any production process.

JBC, Billy Shen, China Sales Manager

JBC, a Spanish company with a long history with soldering tools expands to China.

Kaga Electronics, Zhu Zhengzhou, GM

This Chinese company wants to be the leader of Industry 4.0.

KIC, Eugene Wang, Manager

KIC Smart Oven features MES.

Kyzen, Daniel Gao, Sales Manager

Nano treatment for steel printing screen.

Kyzen, Phil Zhang, China Sales Mgr.

Kyzen provides cleaning solutions for the Semiconductor, LED and Solar markets.

LPKF, Bin Gong, Product Manager

Laser cutting will becoming more popular in assembly.

Mentor Graphics, Tony Shao, Senior Account Manager

Open source manufacturing language will be the key to IOT.

Mirtec, Roger Xiang, Sales Manager

Mirtec provide Industry 4.0 solution for BOSCH.

Mountain, Timo Liu, R&D Director

The next generation of automatic mobile phone testing is discussed.

Mycronic, Jerry Zheng, Manager

Mycronic 4.0 the smart manufacturing choice.

NCAB, Andy Liu

Transformations from ODM/OEM to EMS.

Nordson Asymtek, Eric Gu, Application Manager

Asymtek has the latest NJ-8 dispenser on display at the show this year.

Nordson EFD, Jason Guo, Sales Director

EFD introduces the Evolution of the Dispensing Valves.

Nordson, Ryan Xia, Sales Manager

Nordson test and inspection update.

OK International, Allen Zou, Dir. of Sales

OKi displays their hand soldering solution.

Panasonic, Shi Jun, Manager

NEPCON is a great platform for purchasing the lastest equipment.

Reed Exhibitions, Wilson Fung, Assistant VP

NEPCON China 2016 Highlghts

Rehm, Johnson Ma, GM

Rehm uses Intelligent Software Solutions to reliably control and monitor their Thermal Systems equipment.

Saki, Ri Zheng, GM

Saki has moved their R&D HQ to Shanghai China. Saki provides AOI systems to match your application.

Schunk Intec, Jochen Ehmer, Managing Dir.

Schunk Intec Precision Machinery offers precision fixtures and automatic gripping systems.

Shenzhen De Jiabao Electronics, LH Probe

Aiming to be the leader of the Chinese probe market.

Shenzhen KED Optical Electric, Paul

KED continues to develop cleaning solutions.

Sowintech Automation, Ken Kuai, Marketing

Providing intelligent manufacturing solutions for assembly and testing.

SPEA, Yemin Yang, Deputy GM

Focusing on the testing field for 40 Years.

Sun East, Qian Fu, Deputy GM

Shenzhen-based Sun East Electronics Technology is lead by technology innovation.

Suzhou Kastek Automation, Carrey Ro, Business

Detecting where the eyes can't see.

Universal Robots, Richard Yang

Universal Robots' Commercial Director gives an overview of the Freestyle Robots Assistant.

WellTest, Derek Ji, VP

Shenzhen WellTest Technology is developing functional testing and automation equipment.

WKK Machinery, Johnson FOK, GM

Automatic inline soldering system is the subject in this interview.

WKK, Hamed El-Abd, President

Vitronics Soltec is celebrating their 100th Anniversary! Learn about their reflow oven with a novel flux removal system.

WKK, Raymond W.M. Lee

Akila Lead-free wave soldering is highlighted.

Zestron, John Shen, GM

No-clean still needs to be clean!

Zestron, Ming Wu, Application Engineer

The advantages of using a neutral detergent.

Photos From the Show