ATG-LM, Iman Ran

Atg-LM launches the LM1000 which is suitable for dedicated and universal

Atotech, Johnson Yuan

Atotech's Cyanide-free solution is available

CCTC, Kellen Liao

CCTC focus on Telecom and Automobile Market

Cheon Western, Vince Zhou

Cheon Western's New Generation

China Harvar, Harvar Chen

Chinese Chemistry Provider talk about R&D

CIMForce, Towers Guo

CIMForce Chiese ERP system boosts Industry 4.0

CPCA, Opening Ceremony

CPCA 2016 Grand Opening Ceremony

CPCA, Wang LongJi

Industry should be Evolve, CPCA going to take the Lead

CPCA, Wang LongJi,

Shanghai International Electronic Fair Press Conference

Dong Guan KE YAO, W.C. Pang

Ke Yao display their robotic arm which is a smart automatic solution

Dong Wei, Jianbo Liu

Chinese Plating equipment Vendor Dong Wei takes 63% of local marketshare

ESI, Catherine Chen

Laser will be a mandatory Tool for Future PCB FA

ESI, Sidney Huang

Fischer, Lin Yiting

Fischer shares the info about their Automatic thickness gauge solution

GSH, Zhao Qiping

Adding Automation Features to Abrasive brush roller

Guang Xin, Zhu Min

Photosensitive ink is no longer Monopoly by Big Names

GZ Sonic, Chen Shubin

Supersonic Automation highly optimize about the Auto & Smart Manufacturing

Han's Laser, Yang Zhao Hu

Han's Laser not Just Laser, Provide total PCB Manufacturing solution

Honglian, Wu Yu

Green Process and Environmentally-friendly solution are mostly welcomed

HPTEC, Zhou Yanjun

Automatic Tool Storage Solution

Joint Stars, Jerry Zhao

Self-dependent innovation will be the only way out

JuLong Guangzhou, Yan Wensheng

1st Chinese RTR/DES System achieves great success

King Brother, Jeremy Wu

King Brother Talks About Future PCB FAB

Leadhigh, Huigao Cai

Leadhigh Aims for a High-end Surface Finishing Solution

LPKF, Bin Gong

LPKF introduces a new Laser Drilling machine for PCB Mass Production

Manz, Alex Liu

Manz achieve the Industry 4.0 via their Hardware and Software Combo

Nanya, Frank Zhang

Nanya CCL Keep Expanding their High End capacity

Newccess, Tang Jianlin

Chinese company Releases Ceramic Pad for High end Market

Orbotech, Winnie Cheng

Orbotech Introduces New AOS Automatic Repair System

SCC, Jackie Sun

SCC leading in High End HDI

Shengyi Technology, Tammy Wan

ShengYi Introduce their World wide Footprint

Shuocheng, Darren

Shuocheng VCB plating for HDI and FLEX which save 60% energy

Sowotech, Leo Wang

Sticking film machine for HDI, FLEX with High-Speed

Taesung, Chang Xing Wang

Chinese Horizontal wet process now aiming the High-end Market

TCF Tech, Huang Pinxuan

TCF add Automation Features to their Wet Process Equipment

Ucan Robot, Rong Ding

Ucan Robot Provide Automatic FPC Reinforce Machine

WKK, Michael Sheng

World Wide Group, Francis TSOI

World Wide Group Displays Mitsubishi New Laser Equipment

Yingsu, Wang Xiaoai

Chinese LDI Equipment has Great Breakthrough

YinZhang, Yuan Xiaoyan

CPCA Show need to become a international event

Zheng Ye, Lin Ke

Zheng Ye Provide Customized Automation for Customer

Photos From the Show