atg Luther & Maelzer, Iman Ran

atg Luther & Maelzer Thinks Great End-use Devices Like Skylake/iphone Lead Technology Advancements

Atotech, Raymond Chau

Atotech Supports High-end Products Like Apple

Burkle, Jason Liu

Burkle Manufactures Equipment in Shanghai with the Same German Quality

Camtek, Alan Wang

3D Functional Inkjet Technology Highlight of the Show

ESI, Alex Toh

ESI's Product Marketing Manager Reports their Laser Solution Now Works with HDI

HKPCA Chairman, Canice Chung

HKPCA & IPC Show Expands 15%, Now the Biggest PCB Show

HKPCA, Daniel Chan

Bigger, Better, Stronger HKPCA & IPC Show Becomes an international Event

HKPCA, Opening Ceremony

HKPCA & IPC Show 2015 Grand Opening

IPC Greater China, Philp Carmichael

IPC Hand Soldering Competition Flashback and Outlook

IPC Hand Solder Competition, Championship

IPC Hand Solder Competition Championship share the Mentality

IPC, Harry Han

IPC Expands the QML Certification to Fabricators

IPC, Harry Han

IPCs Training Director Comments on the Hand Soldering Competition

Manz, Alex Liu

Manz Brings their DI Solution and CIM Control System to Shenzhen

Microtek Labs Changzhou, Le Yi

Microtek Laboratories Changzhou Invests Millions in New Test Equipment

Nordson March, Johnson He

Nordson March provide Roll-Roll automation add-on to their PCB Solution

Optima, Jardin

Optima Provides Inline AOI Solution: 4x Faster and No Operator Needed

Orbotech, Otbotech Team

Orbotech Announces Diamond 8

Orbotech, Winnie Cheng

Diamond 8's Speed Brings the DI to Mass Production Era

Polar, Jonson Jiang

Polar Displays New Test Equipment for Small Feature Unit

Rogers, Sharon Young

We are between the Valley of 4G and 5G

Schmoll Maschinen, Paul Kowk

Schmoll is Proud of their German Quality

Ventec, Jason Chung, GM

Ventec Targets High-end Markets like Mil/Aero and Medical

WWG, W. C. Pang

World Wide Group Represents First EIE in China, Provides Great Solutions

Photos From the Show