Accurate Circuit Eng., James Hofer

Help with Hard-to-Find Board Materials

ACE Production Technologie, Alan Cable

The New Wave of Selective Soldering

AIM Solder, Tim O'Neill

Taking AIM at Miniaturization

All Flex, Dave Becker

Five Keys for Success in PCB Manufacturing

Alpha, Robert Wallace

The Importance of Solder Process Expertise

Altium, Ben Jordan

Altium Talks 3D Flex Packaging Design

American Standard Circuits, John Bushie

Applications Engineer with an RF Focus

atg Luther & Maelzer, Klaus Koziol

Automation in Probe Testing Provides Throughput Benefits

Bay Area Circuits, Stephen Garcia

Checking in with Fast Growing Bay Area Circuits

BGH SA, Santiago Diaz & Sebastian Martinez (en Espanol)

New Technologies and Equipment to Increase Productivity

BPA Consulting, Mark Hutton

Globally Focussed Forecasting Partner

CALCE, Bhanu Sood

Open Failure Analysis Lab Assessment Service Available

CalTeks, Randy Cook / Yash Sutariya

Revolutionizing Equipment Repair & Service

Camtek Event

The Gryphon Inkjet Printer Debuts

Camtek, Dr. Boaz Nitzan

Building a Better Solder Mask & Legend -- Layer by Layer

Checksum, John VanNewkirk

Getting Testing Methods and Mfg. on the Same Page

Chemcut Corporation, Richard C. Lies

Developments for Wet Process Equipment

Cirexx, Al Wasserzug

Solution for High-Temperature Applications

Clyde Coombs Publishing, Clyde Coombs

Clyde Coombs Update: 7th Edition of the Printed Circuit Handbook

Dupont, Mark Dirks

Global Segment Leader

EasyBraid, Ralph Savage

Product Line Philosophy: Start Small...End Big

Electrolube, Phil Kinner

Electrolube Expands Their Coverage

Eltek, Roberto Tulman

Report: Big Changes at Eltek

EPTAC, Leo Lambert

EPTAC Expansion Includes CID Design Curriculum

eSurface Technology, Jim Ryan

eSurface Technology Partners with Laminate Suppliers

ETI, Eric Winkler

Benefits of Buying Certified Rebuilt Equipment Over New

FASTechnologies, Ofer Ton

Drill & Routing Process Experts

Gardien Services, Todd Kolmodin

Assured Quality Assurance

Gardien, Rick Meraw

So Many Types of Test and Product Services, So Little Time

Glory Faith, Tang Wing-Kit Eddie & Yash Sutariya

Upping the U.S. Service Level of Chinese Manufacturing

HDP User Group, Jack Fisher

High-Density Packaging User Group Update

HDP Users Group, John Davignon

John Davignon Discusses HDPUG

Heller Industries, David Heller

Exciting Developments in Reflow Technology

Henkel, Dr. Brian Toleno

New Developments at Henkel

HSIO Technology, James Rathburn

Technology for Tolerance and SI Thresholds

iNEMI, Bill Bader

iNemi: A Highly Efficient R&D Consortium

iNemi, Charles E. Richardson

Technology Roadmaps for the Electronics Industry

Insulectro, Ken Parent

Nine New Exciting Products Introduced

Intrinsiq Materials, Sujatha Ramanujan

Interesting Nanomaterial-based Electronic Inks from Intrinsiq

Introbotix, Brian Butler

HDPUG and High-Frequency Test Methodologies

IPC Management, Sanjay Hupikar

Show Wrap Up and IPC Membership Review

IPC, Dr. John Mitchell

Aspirational Goals for IPC

IPC, Jack Fisher and Mark Carter

IPC Technology Roadmap Update

IPC, Jasbir Bath

IPC Activities Overview -- Learn, Contribute, Involve

IPC, Opening Ceremony

Tuesday Morning the Show Opens!

IPC, Randy Cherry

IPC Validation Services 2014

IPC, Sharon Starr

NA Labor Pool Shortage for the Electronics Industry

Kester, Bruno Tolla and Dr. Yanrong Shi

Exact Science Implemented at Kester for Increased Reliablity

Kimball Electronics, Brian Graham

Kimball's Near-shoring Strategies

MacDermid, Warren Kenzie

Realignment of North American Operations Meets Special Industry Needs

Manncorp, Henry Mann and Ed Stone

Direct-marketing Strategy Paying Off

Matrix, Hans Vandervelde and Fred Long

Matrix Product Lines: Laminates and Drills

Mentor Graphics, Michael Ford

Mentor Graphics: Reshoring Not Just a Trend

Mentor Graphics, Valor Divn., Mark Laing

Enhancements in Consolidating Data Prep

Mirtec, Brian D'Amico

3D Inspection Moves Into a New Dimension

MorTech, Lino Sousa

The Continuing Success Story of Lino's Mission

Murrietta Circuits, Andy Murrietta

eSurface Breaking Down Barriers for Murrietta

Mycronic, Nico Coenen & Mattias Jonsson

Solder Paste Print-on-Demand

Nordson Asymtek, Brian Chung

High-end Assembly Requirements for Precision Dispensing

Nordson March, Jonathan Doan

Role of Plasma in Reliability of Conformal Coating

Nujay Technologies, Nesh Dholakia

The Growing Role of the Added-Value PCB Distributor

OM Group, Chris Hrusovsky

PCB Market Update

OnFILTER, Inc., Vladimir Kraz

It's the Motor Noise You CAN'T hear That'll Getcha!

P Kay Metal, Octavio Raigoza & Jay Hardin

Genuine MS2 Has Advantages Over Competitors (Espanol y English)

Panasonic, Shawn Robinson and Jim Dickerson

Software and Hardware Solutions

Photo Stencil, Rachel Miller-Short

Bright Future/Bright Plan: Photo Stencil

Polar Instruments, Michael Bode & Geoffrey Hazlett

Polar's Product Specialists

Ray Prasad Consultancy, Ray Prasad

Prasad and Fjelstad Examine BGA Standards, IPC-7530

Rogers Corp., Joey Kellner

RO3000 Available with Rolled Copper for HF Applications

SAKI America, Quintin Armstrong

Solving Inspection Problems with True 3D in AOI, AXI and SPI Systems

Schmoll, Grant Christiansen

Precision Back-drilling High-Speed PCBs? No Problem!

Shea Engineering Services, Chrys Shea

Choosing the Right Stencil Design and New Stencil Technology

Siemens PLM, Kerri Doyle

Kerri Doyle Discusses Sustainable Product Design and More

SMT Solutions, Carlos Esteban Pera (en Espanol)

A Discussion of Equipment, SMT Components and APEX 2015

Solan Corp, Dr. Alan Rae

Scalable Graphene as a Disruptive Technology

Solberg Technical Consulting, Vern Solberg

New Embedded Component Standard Finalized

Steve Williams Consulting

Steve Discusses His New Company

Super Dry, Richard Heimsch

0.3% Humidity, That's Super Dry!

Taiyo America, Don Monn

Ink-jet Solder Mask Becomes a Practical Reality

Taiyo America, Josh Goldberg

3D Printed Electronics: When & How?

Tokei Shinei Electronics, Koji Akiyama

Embedded Silkscreen vs. Ink Screened Process

TTM Technologies, Nick Koop

IPC Standard 6013 Heading to Revision D

TTM, Jim Monarchio

Call to Action: Participation in Industry Specifications Development

Uyemura, George Milad

ENIG & ENEPIG IPC Standards update

Ventec, Mark Goodwin

Ventec's Commitment to FOD Elimination Sets the Trend

Yxlon, Bernhard Muerkens

Excellent X-ray Expectations

Zentech Mfg., Matt Turpin

Challenges and Triumphs in Contract Mfg.

Zentech Mfg., Waleid Jabai

Overcoming Complexities and Obstacles of CM

Zestron, Harald Wack and Todd Scheerer

Neutral Cleaning and Latest Developments in Closed-Loop Control.

Photos From the Show