Acroname, Lance Davies

Lance Davies of Acroname discusses his company's new modular manufacturing test system.

Aegis Software, Michael Ford

Michael Ford of Aegis Software discusses his new role and the importance of Industry 4.0.

AIM Solder, Dr. Mehran Maalekian

Dr. Mehran Maalekian of AIM Solder discusses a paper he's presenting on alloys for harsh environments.

Alpha Assembly Solutions, Mitch Holtzer

Mitch Holtzer of Alpha Assembly Solutions discusses his new role in reclamation, and trends he's seeing in reclamation globally.

Alpha, Gyan Dutt

Gyan Dutt of Alpha discusses the papers being presented by Alpha at SMTAI.

Altium, Judy Warner

Judy Warner of Altium discusses her new role at the company and the upcoming AltiumLive event.

Comet, Paul Smith

Paul Smith of Comet Technology discusses their new Lab 1 facility in Silicon Valley.

CSP Technologies, Richard Okupniak

Richard Okupniak of CSP Technologies discusses his desiccant company's recent entry into the electronics manufacturing industry.

GCSI, James Kozich

James Kozich of Gilbert Consulting Services discusses hiring trends he's seen in electronics manufacturing.

Koh Young America, Joel Scutchfield

Joel Scutchfield of Koh Young discusses their latest products and offers his perspective of the inspection market.

Leo Lambert, EPTAC

Leo Lambert of EPTAC discusses his company's recent expansion and trends he's seeing in manufacturing training.

MacDermid Enthone, Jim Hartzell

Jim Hartzell of MacDermid Enthone explains the responsibilities of his new position servicing the end-user and showcases a variety of new product offerings.

Metcal, Ed Zamborsky

Ed Zamborsky of Metcal discusses some of the solutions they are demonstrating at SMTAI.

Mirtec, Brian D'Amico

Brian D'Amico of Mirtec discusses the products he's demoing at SMTAI.

NCAB Group, John Piccirilli

John Piccirilli of NCAB Group discusses the trends in HDI and miniaturization that he's seeing around the world.

Nordson DAGE, Hal Hendrickson

Hal Hendrickson discusses the latest SMTA news, as well as products he's demoing at SMTAI.

Prototron Circuits, Dave Ryder & Russ Adams

Dave Ryder and Russ Adams of Prototron Circuits discuss the firm's 30th anniversary and their continued growth.

SAKI, Alex Malek

Alex Malek of SAKI explains how automation and government investment can help bring back manufacturing jobs from overseas.

SMTA Dallas Chapter, Gary Tanel

Gary Tanel, president of the SMTA Dallas Chapter, covers a myriad of topics, including the goal of the SMTA as an industry association, and how it is helping the industry evolve.

Viscom & Mentor, Jesper Lykke & Zac Elliott

Jesper Lykke of Viscom and Zac Elliott of Mentor discuss Viscom's adoption of the Valor manufacturing solution.

Photos From the Show